Research Interests


Broadly speaking, my scholarly work lies in the field of liturgical theology. More specifically my research focuses on discerning the possible intersections between liturgy and ethics. My initial interest in this subject began when I was a master’s student at Duke University, studying with figures such as Geoffrey Wainwright and Stanley Hauerwas. While at the University of Notre Dame, I did further work on liturgy and ethics while working under James F. White and John Howard Yoder. I then wrote my dissertation on Virgil Michel, O.S.B., who was one of the pioneers in this area.Since graduate school, I have attempted to broaden our understanding of the connections between worship and morality by drawing on a variety of sources, including moral philosophy, ritual studies, narrative theology, systematic theology, and Catholic Social Teaching. I employ these myriad sources in order to elucidate how liturgy can help form and express the moral lives of Christians. Thus far my work has centered on discussing how liturgy can serve as a context for fostering the virtues by exploring corporate worship’s ability to create a Christian ethos within which a Christian ethic is rendered intelligible and Christian moral lives are fostered.

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