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 Here you will find links for exploring areas that are directly and indirectly related to what we do in class. You might find the sites devoted to the Church Fathers, Aquinas, and official Catholic documents especially helpful for reading further on topics covered in class. This page also provides links related to other aspects of scholarship, such as secondary sources and citations. If you are aware of similar sites that should be added to this list, please email me at:

  • Summa Theologiae. This is an electronic version of Thomas Aquinas’s magnum opus.
  • This site is helpful in tracking down biblical passages and doing word searches. 
  • NRSV. This site allows you to find passages in the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. 
  • MIT Internet Classics Project. This site can provide assistance in locating texts from classical authors.
  • Theology Links. The magazine America provides this online clearing house of links for major websites devoted to the understanding of religion and theology.
  • Fathers of the Church. A great source for the patristic writings from the Fathers of the Church series.  
  • Arian Controversy. This webpage was created by Bret Heim, a Spring Hill librarian, and contains supplemental materials on the first two ecumenical councils for students in “Western Religious Heritage.”
  • Papal Encyclicals, Conciliar Documents, and Works by Church Fathers. An extremely valuable resource for exploring official Catholic texts.
  • Theology Library. This site, which is housed at Spring Hill College, provides access to multiples Catholic documents, especially from the conciliar and postconciliar eras.
  • Liturgy and Ethics Bibliography. This link takes you to the bibliography provided by the Notre Dame Center for Pastoral Liturgy. Students who are interested in pursuing my discussion of the relationship between liturgy and ethics can use this page to find more treatments of the this topic.
  • Chicago Manual of Style. This a link to the online version of The Chicago Manual of Style.
  • North American Academy of Liturgy. This link takes you to the official site of the leading organization in North America for liturgical scholars.
  • The Society of Christian Ethics. This link goes to the website of the scholarly group devoted to theological ethics.
  • Catholic Social Teaching. The Office for Social Justice of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis have provided a wonderful set of resources for teaching and enacting Catholic Social Teaching.
  • The Earth Institute. This group is housed at Columbia University under the leadership of the noted economist Jeffrey D. Sachs. It focuses on education and action in eliminating global poverty.

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