Welcome to my website. I hope you find it informative and useful. I have created this site with several purposes in mind. I hope it provides my students with links to resources that may assist them in their studies. Those same resources may be of value to others who are more generally interested in liturgical theology and theological ethics. This site also briefly presents some of my professional and personal information. For the former I have a page containing my curriculum vitae, as well as one that briefly highlights my areas of research. I would gladly welcome inquiries from theologians who share those interests. Finally, I have a page that highlights some of my non-academic interests, especially music and sports. That webpage also provides links related to those endeavors. If you have any suggestions that would make this site better or if you find any broken links, please contact me via email. 

Contact Information 
Theology Department               E-mail: swilson@shc.edu
Spring Hill College                     Phone: (251) 380-4666
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